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Bodies work better with sigma-tau

sigma-tau’s decision to broaden their distribution beyond their domestic Italian market, led to the creation of a new portfolio of Nutraceutical products under the Health Science brand and a trade launch in 3 European markets.

The brief

sigma-tau has deep experience in food supplements with a broad portfolio of products, many of which are proven to address consumer health and wellbeing issues.

We were briefed to create and help launch a portfolio of products that could be sold at a price premium through the European pharmacy channel.

What we did

Our initial research helped define the market opportunity within both consumer and HCP audiences. Based on these insights we were able to identify and select a range of six formulation assets in the male health, immune defence and energy categories.

Planning work focused on developing a brand platform and claims hierarchy for the portfolio of products working with regulatory authorities in 4 markets. The recommendation to leverage the medical credentials of the parent company led to the development of a new brand identity for sigma tau health sciences based around proven product performance and an R&D framework communicated within the concept of ‘The Metabolic Approach.’

We brought this idea to life using the visual shorthand of the DNA helix across packaging, POS and all digital assets to create a bold and interruptive brand look and feel that caught the imagination of both trade and consumer audiences.

The results

The initial range of 6 products was successfully launched to the trade in 3 markets. The portfolio of products under the Health Sciences brand now stands at over 14 products which are available in 8 markets.

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